I think I'll sketch out the episodes connected with Huge through his words.
Scenes linked to Huge -track10-■upside down

One day Huge was facing the piano, with a score turned upside down. After playing the first few bars on the piano, he smiled satisfactorily. He increased BPM and arranged the piece.

The original piece is one of the most famous children's songs in Japan, which any Japanese has heard sung by his/her grandparents in his/her childhood.

The melody and rhythm of the completed piece told me an adventure story. While I was listening to it, I felt as if we went aboard an old-fashioned spaceship, which was almost scrapped, left the earth, ran out of the solar system and went through the Milky Way Galaxy.

He gave the piece a title, HARD TREK, meaning a long painful journey. In 2005 HARD TREK took part in the music contest (空へ宇宙へ音楽を響かそう) sponsored by JAXA-Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Regrettably HARD TREK could not win the grand prix, but we still are very much gratified that thanks to great encouragements from a lot of viewers in this website, HARD TREK was finally nominated to be the best 10.

In a sense, HARD TREK might be the theme song of "HUGE.STUDIO" now.

May our spaceship return to the earth safe and sound!

Scenes linked to Huge -track9-■Fami-Com World

Huge had a tendency to be crazy about one thing.

In his infancy he was crazy about LEGO bricks. He made art works one after another by putting the bricks together, for example, cars, robots, dinosaurs, spacecrafts... and each completed work had a beautifully symmetrical shape.

Though it took him many hours to complete a work, he used to appreciate it with a satisfied look for a while and at once take it apart, with a bang and without a bit of rest he began to work on the making of a new art work again. Why?
Because the number of LEGO bricks he possessed was not large enough for him to exhibit his masterpiece even for a short period.

In his elementary school days he devoted himself to video games. We were anxious about the future of the video game mania (GAME OTAKU), but the fact cannot be denied that game music formed part of his music taste afterward.

There is a tune entitled "Fami-com World" by Huge. We wanted to have this tune listened to by viewers of our website, so we inquired a toy manufacturer, NINTENDO (任天堂) whether we could upload it under the title of "Fami-com World" on our site, because we took it into consideration that FAMICOM is NINTENDO's registered trademark.

Regrettably the reply from NINTENDO was 'NO'. - the person in charge dealt with us very kindly.

Therefore we unwillingly changed the title of the tune as a last resort and uploaded it. We had no choice but to do so.
We wished Huge would forgive us for our deed.

I remember that after his hands were put on the keyboard of the piano instead of holding a controller of FAMICOM, he was growing up with astonishing rapidity day by day.

Scenes linked to Huge -track8-■A frozen tropical night

HUGE.STUDIO, which Huge used as a studio and bed room, was equipped with an air conditioner, but he never used it, however hot it was in the height summer. It didn't mean he put into practice economical life to protect our planet, the earth
environment. This was because the restricted power supply of our house, 30 ampere, didn't allow him to use his air conditioner.

A little carelessness sometimes made a circuit breaker function and a fuse blow out. By the night the fuse had blown out twice. The first happened when his sister turned on the TV and the second ,when I pressed the switch of the washing machine. 

We call a very hot night ' tropical night' (熱帯夜) in Japan. That night also was just a tropical night.

In his studio a fan attached on the wall was spinning at full speed with its head shaking. Under severe condition as if to be in a sauna bath, Huge aged 17 was facing his home computer and synthesizer, perspiring all over. But cuttingly cool rhythms were being drummed on from the loudspeakers.
Just then, all of a sudden, the fuse blew out, and in a moment it became dark in all the house.
Our family was made up of five members. The probability of each being a suspect is 20%, but his two younger sisters had already gone to bed. Huge had a trustworthy alibi, for he was working hard, perspiring all over in his studio.
Then, the suspect is me? No! I'm definitely not guilty of this. Because I was drowsing listening to his synthesizer.

We identified the suspect. A remote control held in the hand was a clear evidence.
In fact , his father lowered the temperature of his workroom by one degree. He was free to use an air conditioner of his room.

"Such a cool phrase would not come from me again! My masterpiece had been lost forever!" Huge said in a bad mood.
"Plugged in instruments have proved to be helpless in this case. How would you make music if you were on an uninhabited island not supplied with electricity?" His father said with an unconcerned air.
Though dumbfounded at his father's words, he kept his temper and affirmed, "I WILL NEVER go to such an island!"

I reckon Huge's original tunes lost during the summer amounted to four pieces.

Scenes linked to Huge -track7-■Beyer

It was when he was 14 that Huge touched the keyboard of a piano for the first time.

He liked the sounds of piano very much and he began to teach himself to play the piano. Naturally, the way he played was helplessly unreliable and the motion of his pair of thumbs, forefingers and middlefinges was quite haphazard. But the volume was, somehow confidently, so loud that I advised that he make it a rule to stop practicing at 8:00 p.m. at the latest. I wanted to avoid the nuisance to our neighborhood, for his piano sounded to my ears as if it were a thunder. Though I didn't know whether his piano performance was good or not, I found it comfortable,relaxing and pleasant to listen to his piano beside him.

A few months later, he tried to copy the piano performance of an artist he had admired and respected, but his fingers couldn't possibly keep up with the speed as might have been expected. He brought home to himself t the limitation of six fingers and finally he made up his mind to take piano lessons. He needed to correct the way to move fingers, of course, ten fingers.

As I suggested his younger sister also take lessons together, he undertook a mission of her bodyguard. When the evening came, they left home and went through the woods in the Sengen Shrine (浅間大社) to attend piano lessons once a week. Rain or shine, roasting hot summers or freezing cold winters, he never missed the piano lessons during the three years.

His instructor was a pretty and unmarried woman, probably about five years older than he. I guess she was an idol, in a sense, to the high school boy, Huge.

By agreement between him and his sister, the first half of an-hour-lesson was supposed to be assigned to him and the second half to her. However, one day she complained to me that until then her lesson had been often cut down cosiderably because he preferred to talk to his instructor rather than take lessons. She still feels sorry for herself about her poor faculty to play only the chords of SPITZ, a Jpanese popular band.

But, I believe he was not so talkative by nature.

After he passed away, I came across an old cassette tape in his room. When I hesitatingly pushed the playback button on the tape recorder, quite clumsy and unsteady but pure piano sounds reached my ear.

Scenes linked to Huge -track6-■Spellbound

I think Huge was destined to encounter digital music.

A toy, small enough to be held in a palm, cast a spell on the 14-year-old boy. The toy, an electric instrument named YAMAHA QY 20-he called it a sequencer- was given to him by his aunt. He lost no time starting to make elementary tracks by using it.
Till then his favorite pastime had been to caricature people around him, for example, his classmates, school teachers and family members. But in time he came to give a theme tune to each caricature and he found himself brushing up the theme tunes seriously.

After entering high school, his devotion to digital music was becoming stronger and stronger. Several months had passed when he was quite sure he learned to use QY 20 perfectly. He thought he wanted to try YAMAHA QY 300, which requires further skill and is much more functional.

To get QY 300, in the first time he had to save money. So he started a part-time job at a convenience store. After school he changed into the store uniform and worked hard from 6:00 pm till 10:00 pm. And after about half a year, he at length got QY 300 he had long wanted to. From the very day when it arrived home, he spent all his spare time in not only composing but arranging music. I remember he was making a large number of tracks one after another as if he had fallen under a spell.

I think the hours with QY 300 were blissful time to him. During the day he was at school, in the evening he was at part-time job and till the next morning he was with QY 300.
You might wonder how he could get some sleep.
His class teacher said to me once, “Your son has never disturbed the others in class.”

Scenes linked to Huge -track5-■A man eating sounds

Some of Huge's friends say he showed unusual curiosity about a variety of sounds in his daily life. To such an extent that even Lafcadio Hearn(
小泉八雲), who wrote a lot of Japanese folktales and loved peculiar sounds of life and nature in good old days of Japan, will probably yield to Huge in the curiosity about sounds.

At a restaurant, Huge and his girlfriend are at a dining table.

They hear sounds of ices taken out of ice machines, of water poured into glasses, of coffee cups touching saucers, of knives and forks….

“Listen! That sound. Fantastic!” he exclaimed with his eyes shining.

She gave her evidence to me, “I didn’t feel at ease, with him pricking up his ears even while eating dishes. But I’ve got relieved to find he wasn’t daring enough to step into the kitchen where the cooks were working busily.”

Scenes linked to Huge -track4-■The Intruders (Audience with wings)

“Something is there in the attic!” said Huge pointing at the ceiling with a suspicious look.

When I stepped into his room, a weird sound I’d never heard came to my ear.

“Certainly something is there!”

It was moving wildly, not sneakily, and that it didn’t seem to be alone. I estimated there were three or more. I kept my ears open to hear them pattering around between the ceiling and the roof.
I said to myself, “They are hornets, rats or tarantulas? They sound as if they have wings. They might be doves. What if they are birds of prey?”

In the evening a few days after that, through the windows dyed orange by the sunset, I saw them flying around in the air. The UFOs with flight pattern and formation flight of not birds flew around for a while and went out of my sight.
“What on earth are they?!”

The next morning we at last found out what the UFOs were. A lost UFO away from its company was hanging from the ceiling with its head downward.Its eyes met mine by chance.I thought I had seen the intruder in the encyclopedia before.

Without shrinking, I bravely declared war against it.

Though the fight against the intruder was thought to last forever, it was I that won a victory. By making use of a net for fishing, I eventually captured my enemy.

My philanthropy spirit wouldn’t allow me to execute it, so I released it outside.
The truth is that Huge’s room, which he had used as a studio and bed room, had become ‘the castle of Earl Dracula’ before we knew it.

This is because the synthesizer played night and day by Huge had caused such a strange phenomenon.

Attracted to the digital sound with high frequency human beings can’t hear, they had gathered in crowds in the attic. The audience with black wings had gradually been increasing in number. In my eyes (ears) they were not so difficult for him to get along with.

“Full house today!” I said to him looking up at the ceiling.

“You’re kidding. Hell house to me!” he replied with a smile.
He didn’t feed them or give them pet names, but a bat man, Huge had managed to train them. They held an exciting dance almost every night. Their dancing to Huge’s synthesizer was very weird but somehow made us feel a bit enjoyable.

About half a year passed like that.

Unfortunately, however, they disappeared all of a sudden. It was at about the same time when he left home to go on to college.

“You’ve brought them with you, haven’t you? We miss them.” I asked him on the phone.
“You’re kidding!”

The fact was proved that Huge’s audience with black wings had no habit of migration.

Scenes linked to Huge -track3-■Huge makes remix just for pleasure

Apart from remix works requested by the record company, Huge made various genres remix works, just for pleasure. They are, for instance, ‘2 STEPS BACK’ by the prince of 2-step, Craig David and ‘Dinosaur Adventure 3D’ the authority of Techno, Underworld, etc... How I wish I could have them listened to by everyone!

The father of music, J.S.Bach would surely be astonished to hear ‘Air on G-string’ by Huge’s trance mix.

Huge also branched out into even the arranging of a melody, which announces the arrivals and departures of trains at platforms in Ikebukuro Station on the Tobutojo-line.(東武東上線)

Unfortunately the demo track is nowhere to be found.

Scenes linked to Huge -track2-■UR-Chin mix

It was just 100 days since Huge passed away and the day happened to fall upon his 22nd birthday.

After we held a memorial service (百日忌) for Huge, we were on our way home from the grave where he rests.
We were in a car driven by our friend.
My husband in the front seat, who had been still and quiet until then, became restless suddenly and abruptly bent down to turn up the car radio to the maximum.
Turning around to us in the back seats (Huge's girlfriend had come from Tokyo to visit his grave), he said, “What's this tune!?”

♪dad-dad-dad-dahn! dad-dad-dad-dahn!
Ayumi Hamasaki's singing was reaching our ears.

“I owe Beethoven this phrase.”
I remember he confessed it to me with a naughty smile.

♪もう二度とはぐれてしまわぬようにと(mou-nidoto-hagurete-shimawanu-younito). Her lyrics were going on running from the radio.
We in the back seats were grasping each other's hands and our faces in tears were distorted with surprise or excitement.
We were giving a delight yell in spite of ourselves.

I had sent a card to make a request for a Huge's a remix for Hamasaki to a local radio station a month before, but I had hardly expected my request would be accepted and that the remix would be on the air. The title of the remix is a mixture of ‘urchin’ 「腕白小僧(wanpaku-kozou)」 and part of our family name, 「漆(urushi)」.

Fancy hearing my favorite remix work ‘Huge UR-Chin mix’ on such a day of all days!
It was a big surprise from Huge.

Scenes linked to Huge -track1-■win or lose

You are free to process or correct lyrics of a tune as you like if it is your own original work. If it is not, you'll find it very difficult to do so without permission.
But Huge daringly did it, in other words, Avex overlooked his little ‘trick’.

Strangely enough, his birthday, October the 2nd happens to be the same as Ayumi Hamasaki’s. He celebrated the birthday of both with a remix work. The remix for ‘Dearest'’released in 2001 was entitled [Huge ‘20011002’ mix] by Huge. He had just been 20 years old.

In the remix he secretly expressed the firm determination to live through the severe music-scene. He made Hamasaki sing a phrase, “WIN OR LOSE (KATSU KA MAKERU KA)”