Huge's discography
 Album title : Huge's core 2007.10.02.
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Album title : Huge's Anthology 001 -LEGEND OF ZEPHYR- 2005.03.14.

A soundcreator,Huge sublimated his twentyone-year lifetime into his sound and rhythm.
The characteristic melody and Eurasian beat spinned by Huge will surely rock hearts of audiences.
Huge's Anthology 001-LEGEND OF ZEPHYR- follows Huge's 8 years' `sound track'.
His various original works beyond the frame of music genre will make Huge `LEGEND'.
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R&B-2STEP eclipse

the astronomy broadcast team, LIVE!UNIVERSE employed Huge's♪solar eclipse as a BGM for ‘2003 the Antarctic Solar Eclipse’ broadcast by relay through Internet


Japanese old intruments used as materials tempt us to feel nostalgia for our loving home


The motif of♪GAS is the Saturn, a planet, to which astronomers pay most attention at present, this tune makes audiences feel as if they were floating in the Universe

 #5.invisble star

a nameless star, desperately giving out light from the faraway Universe, can't be seen on the Earth


dance music by bass, drums and brasshorns


a theme for Huge First Concert in Fuji(04.12.26.)

 #8.far gone

the melody of the electric piano played by Huge himself is lyrical, ♪far gone was created at the age of 15.